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International Community of Practice Research in Social Work

’International Community of Practice Research, The 6th International Conference on Practice Research in Social Work

The International Community of Practice Research in Social Work (ICPR) provides a platform for collaboration among researchers, practitioners, service users and policy makers around the globe.

​The community engages in the sharing of research findings, methodologies and practices, as well as promoting cross-cultural learning and discussions between international colleagues and agencies.

The founding members of the International Community of Practice Research – the Advisory Board – provide leadership and support for both international conference planning as well as the practice collaboratives. The Board meets online at least twice a year under the leadership of head of the next Practice Research Conference committee. The Board uses a nomination process to address vacancies and guarantee regional representation. 

The ICPR meets every three years for the international conference and on an annual basis through the five Practice Research Collaboratives open for everybody being interested in different aspects of practice research.

The Advisory Board members are:

Professor Lars Uggerhøj, Aalborg University, Denmark

Professor Ilse Julkunen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Professor Lynette Joubert, University of Melbourne, Australia

Professor Michael J Austin, University of California, U.S.A

Professor Martin Webber, University of York, United Kingdom

Adjunct Professor Laura Yliruka, Finnish Institute of Health & Welfare, Finland

Dr. Timothy Sim, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

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