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Sociologist elected executive member of European Values Survey

Sociologist elected executive member of European Values Survey

The EVS Executive Committee is joined by Associate Professor Morten Frederiksen.

Last modified: 22.10.2020

Text: Niels Krogh Søndergaard, commmunications officer.  
Photo: EVS. 

Between 25 September and 9 October 2020 the European Values Survey (EVS) held their by-elections to set the next positions in the leading bodies. 

Associate Professor Morten Frederiksen has led the Danish programme and is now elected member of the executive commitee which sets the course for the esteemed survey. 

The EVS Survey has been carried out every 9th year since 1981. The survey is the largest of its kind and broadly focused on values for example family, politics and welfare. In the beginning EVS only covered Western European countries but now covers more than 40 countries from Iceland over Spain and to Caucasus.  

- I am happy to be elected part of the EVS Executive Committee, Morten Frederiksen says. 

- I look forward to the future collaboration on this project, which has never been more important than in this time of polarization and conflict across Europe and the world.  

Values throughout 40 years  

EVS is a point of reference for survey researchers around the world, mainly because it covers the development in values over 40 years. From 1981 to 2008 EVS was conducted using home interviews and from 2008 until today the home interviews has been complemented by other means of online survey-methods.  

The EVS is well esteemed for its comparability. Along with the World Values Survey it covers 120 countries. 

In 2017 Morten Frederiksen started working on the book Usikker Modernitet along 18 co-writers. Frederiksen edited the book which is an analysis of the Danes values for 40 years, and it came out in 2019.  

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