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Members of SCOPAS - Shaping concepts, practice and advances in social work

The core members and associate members of the research group consist of experienced and younger researchers with different academic and research backgrounds in social sciences and human sciences. The researchers have expertise in social work with e.g. vulnerable families, adults, children and young people, people with mental disorders or disabilities, education and work, residential areas and communities, as well as varying theoretical, empirical, methodical focus on societies, cultures, knowledge, welfare policies, technologies, professions and practices in social work. These fields of work are put into play with collective projects, activities and collaborations. The research group thus represents ambitions to conduct empirical cross-cutting and theory-developing interdisciplinary research with the aim of developing research and practice in social work. 

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Contact SCOPAS: Head of research Maria Appel Nissen

Head of research Maria Appel Nissen

Kroghstraede 7, room 1
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 9940 7292, +45 2749 5677

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