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A sociological and geo-demographic mapping and analysis of mental health in Denmark

A sociological and geo-demographic mapping and analysis of mental health in Denmark

The project aims to elaborate and clarify the understanding of the associations between place and mental health by applying visual GIS analyses as well as advanced statistical models.

Last modified: 01.03.2020

With a combination of survey and register data, the project aims at mapping mental health, and while municipal or regional area boundaries traditionally have been applied in analyses of mental health, this project utilise a division of Denmark into socially homogeneous micro-areas to significantly broaden our insight on the geographical distribution of mental health in Denmark.

Further, the project examines different area effects that may help explain any geographical differences. Here, the project focus at the significance of socially deprived areas and investigate the effect of moving to and from such areas for mental health, and by applying a life course perspective investigate whether growing up in socially deprived areas in childhood can have an impact on mental health outcomes in adulthood. Furthermore, the work explore the possible mediating and moderating effect of individual perceptions of one’s local area, to gain knowledge into how and when social deprivation may affect individual mental health.

The project is conducted by SocMap PhD fellow Andreas Lindegaard Jakobsen. SocMap members Professor Anja Jørgensen and Associate Professor Lene Tølbøll are supervising. The project runs from 2020 to 2023.

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Start/end date: 1 march 2020 → 28 February 2023

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