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Welcome to Department of Sociology and Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work has a strong research profile, both national and international, that cover a wide range of themes within sociology and social work.

The research groups at the department strive to produce high-quality knowledge with great relevance to the surrounding society and field of research, and the department's research profile is characterized by both application-oriented research and basic research.

The diversity of research themes is perceived as a strength that ensures both high quality research and knowledge with social significance; knowledge, which is relevant and has impact on the society by which we surround ourselves and exist within, and knowledge that is able to influence its field of research.

Head of Department Trond Beldo Klausen

Key figures as of 1 March 2021


  • 68 academic members of staff

The management of the department consists of the head of department, Trond Beldo Klausen, together with deputy head of department Lene Tølbøll.

  • 45 technical-administrative members of staff.

The technical-administrative staff members are affiliated with a joint administration which provides services to both the Department of Politics and Society and the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Otto Simonsen is the head of the joint administration. Jette Loll Pedersen is the area manager of the study administration and Bodil Hald is the area manager for Finance, funding and HR.

The joint administration is divided into the following teams

  • Department secretariat 
  • Finance   
  • Funding (pre-award)
  • Study programmes administration
  • Local study programmes service

The department has research and teaching activities in both Aalborg and Copenhagen.


  • Bachelor's programmes: 393
  • Professional Bachelor's Programmes: 497
  • Master's programmes: 543
  • Continuing edication: 52

PhD students

  • 14 PhD students

The PhD students within the department are affiliated with the PhD program for Sociology and Social Work.

Boards and councils

  • The Department council
  • The Council for Collaboration and Work Environment 
  • The Study Council
  • The Research Council

Study boards and study programmes

Study board for Social Work

  • MA in Social Work (Aalborg & Copenhagen)
  • MA in Advanced Development in Social Work (Advances)
  • MA in Social Work and Welfare (NOSWEL)

Study board for the Master's Programme in Social Work

  • MA in Social Work (Professional Master Programme)

Study board for Criminology

  • MA in Criminology

Study Board for Sociology

  • BA in Sociology
  • MA in Sociology

Study board for the Master in Vulnerable Children and Young People

  • Part-time Master's Programme in Vulnerable Children and Young People, Professional Management

Department of Sociology and Social Work • Fibigerstraede 13 • 9220  Aalborg East  • Phone: +45 9940 2825 • Email:
Vat no.: 5798000420649 • P numbers; Aalborg: 1012066143, Copenhagen: 1018019139