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The doctoral programme at Department of Sociology and Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work has approximately 20 PhD students in house, often working in collaboration with other departments and universities.  

When you are part of our research education programme, you are enrolled at The Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Every PhD student's professional profile is linked to one of the department’s core fields of research: Sociology, Social Work or Working Life and Organization.

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The PhD Program at Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University

PhD fellows at the Department of Sociology and Social Work are enrolled at The Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and it is The Doctoral School of Social Sciences rules and guidelines that apply to the fellows of this department. A PhD is an educational programme that normally runs over three years and thus is equivalent to 180 ECTS.  

A PhD consists of various elements, the most important of which is the work on a thesis. A dissertation can take different forms. The PhD student has both the right and the duty to receive guidance. The PhD student must continue to follow courses of a scale equivalent to one semester's full work (30 ECTS). The PhD student should also normally put a job in teaching or other mediation or communication work that will also be about one semester's work. The scope and nature of the work are agreed with the head of department at the start of the project. Read more about the Department's guidelines for PhD’s

The doctoral programme for Sociology and Social Work relates to the foundation's research profile and all PhD projects are part of one of the department's research groups. PhD students are generally associated with the research group to which the principal supervisor belongs but is free to participate in the activities of other research groups. The individual research groups are responsible for giving PhD students the opportunity to present and have their projects discussed several times during the enrolment period. 

The PhD programme for Sociology and Social Work currently has about 20 PhD students and is currently led by Lars Skov Henriksen. Each semester, at least one joint meeting between the PhD programme manager and all PhD fellows at the department is held. The PhD programme coordinates the provision of PhD courses under the auspices of the Department and across the overall course offering of the doctoral school. In addition, the programme manager is responsible for quality assurance of each PhD course. 

All PhD posts at the department are advertised on the AAU Job Portal


Head of programme Lars Skov Henriksen   
Tel: +45 9940 8142, +45 4062 5971

Programme secretary Marianne Høgsbro  
Tel.: +45 9940 9810, +45 6179 4750

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