Department of Sociology and Social Work

SAGA - Sociological analysis – General and applied research

SAGA - Sociological analysis – General and applied research

The purpose of the SAGA research group is to shed light on sociological problems and phenomenons of contemporary society. The research questions of SAGA relate to questions on identity, normality and deviance. The research group embraces micro-sociological research of the everyday life; constructions of identity; meaning and diagnosis of contemporary culture.  

SAGA is a multidisciplinary research group that applies theories from cultural studies, social psychology, criminology and philosophy. The research group has a high expertise within the field of micro sociology and sociology of emotions.  

Saga’s Research Areas  

  • Social pathologies and the culture of diagnosis (Anders Petersen)  
  • Crime and deviance; violence and sexual violence (Inger Glavind Bo)  
  • Sociology of emotions and micro-sociology; Research in grief, hope, anger, love, sex and shame are strong fields of research (Inger Glavind Bo, Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Vibeke Poulsen Graven)  
  • Sociology of death and sorrow (Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Anders Petersen, Vibeke Poulsen Graven)  
  • Social constructions of identity in modernity (Anders Petersen, Inger Glavind Bo, Michael Hviid Jakobsen)  
  • Multidimensional perspectives on social class, inequality, education and health (Trond Beldo)  

Communication And Social Impact  

The actuality of the research topics in SAGA entails a wide range of communication activities. SAGA values research that influences broad areas of society eg. discussions on law and law changes in criminal law; counselling and public campaigning.  

The members of the research group value participation in news and debates through written and spoken media and through keynotes and panels.  

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