Department of Sociology and Social Work

SCOPAS - Shaping concepts, practice and advances in social work

SCOPAS - Shaping concepts, practice and advances in social work, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University

The research group focuses on developing theoretical perspectives, concepts, models and practices that can strengthen knowledge, reflection on and development of social work. 

This is done through experimental theoretical, empirical, methodical research focusing on the applied aspects of welfare and social change. 

The research group is actively promoting interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical research. This is done through a focus on the following themes: 

  • The interplay of ideas on welfare, social problems, welfare state, social policy, knowledge, values, governance rationales, technologies, civil society and social work as a profession and practice through studies that transcend and challenge existing categorisations of social work, social problems and the citizen as an individual and person in society. 
  • The knowledge base of applied social work  in society through the exploration of a) concepts in social work e.g. holistic, human vision, social problems, power, change, relationships, inclusion, resources, networks, development potentials, innovation and/or, (b) social work practices, e.g. conversations, observations, social group work, local community work and/or c) hidden aspects of social work e.g. emotions, emotions, bodies and materiality. 
  • Developments in social work across societies, cultures, welfare models, welfare policy traditions, organizations and professions through method combination and the development of comparative studies across local/global contexts. 
  • Development of theoretical perspectives, models, concepts and research methods aimed at research in and for social work as a profession and practice. 

Below you can see a short film about what SCOPAS is researching and why, it is important Knowledge for the World. The film is in Danish.

Scopas: “Greek sculptor and architect of the late classical period who was ranked by ancient writers with Praxiteles and Lysippus as one of the three major sculptors of the second half of the 4th century BC. Scopas was influential in establishing the expression of powerful emotions as artistic themes” (Encyclopædia Britannica).

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