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SocMap - Sociological Mapping

SocMap - Research Group in Social Mapping, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University

SocMap – Sociological Mapping conducts empirical research with the aim of challenging and rearticulating prevailing theories, primarily in the fields of urban sociology, social geography, and social stratification using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods combined with maps. SocMap is a research environment that actively addresses national and international socio-spatial issues where categories such as space, place, city, home and mobility play decisive roles. We analyse questions related to local communities/local affiliation, demographic change (including migration) and socioeconomic inequality (including health and education). The research unit also focuses on how specific locations or institutions can mediate, i.e., compensate or worsen various types of socially contingent problems.

SocMap combines elements of individual disciplines with linked approaches such as social geography, socio-demography, urban sociology, sociology of migration, geo-demography, health sociology, educational sociology, mobility studies and health demography. In terms of methodology, the research group combines different research approaches including qualitative fieldwork, mapping methods (GIS), machine learning methods and econometric analysis using surveys and registry data at individual level. A crucial strength of SocMap is the highly differentiated methods and particularly the lessons learnt from combining these in empirical studies.

SocMap’s research agenda and strategy are largely formed by its current members based on a shared interest in the socio-spatial aspects of sociology and challenges in contemporary society. A significant part of the research is funded by competitive research grants (e.g. from The Independent Research Fund Denmark, EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and innovation, The Obel Family Foundation, The SparNord Foundation, and NordForsk).

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Head of research Anja Jørgensen

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