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Department of Sociology and Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work conducts research and teaching within the following main areas: Sociology, Social work, Working Life and Organisation. The department has approx. 110 employees, including among others sociologists, psychologists, social workers and technical-administrative staff. The research conducted in the department is often interdisciplinary and directed towards problems and issues of contemporary society as well as topics related to more traditional basic research themes.

The department offers the following programmes: Sociology (both bachelor and master), Master of Science (MSc) in Social Work, Master of Sciences (MSc) in City, Housing and Settlement Patterns, Master of Social Science (MSc) in Criminology and the Social Worker education. In addition, the department offers two part-time master’s programmes: Master in Vulnerable Children and Young People (MBU) and Master of Knowledge Based Social Work (MVSA) as well as an Erasmus Mundus Master in Advanced Development in Social Work.

Department of Sociology and Social Work - Kroghstræde 7 - DK-9220  Aalborg Øst - Phone: +45 99 40 81 00 - EAN 5798000420649